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Getting rat to take meds - anyone have any tips or tricks?

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I have two ratties who are on antibiotics right now. Mooshie is on Baytril for a suspected URI and Muffin is on synulox for a neuter abscess. Muffin in particular has been refusing any food laced with antibiotics soI've been giving them their meds orally and this was working out OK.
However Muffin has decided that he is going to bite the end of the syringe every time it comes near his face, stick his tongue in the way and spit all the meds all over the place. It's really difficult to get the syringe in his mouth sideways because he just moves his head so quickly and bites down hard.

He really is a very stubborn little boy! It's so important that he takes these meds as the vet has said if they don't clear his infection he may need another anesthetic so they can excise his wound.

Anyone got any ideas that I might not have tried when it comes to administering meds? Cheers!
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Honey or yogurt works. I find they are thicker so it hides it better than most foods
I find holding the rat so that you have your pointer finger in between the head and the front legs keeps them from being too squirmy and prevents escape.
Is it OK to use yogurt? Muffin loves yogurt but I'd been avoiding it because I'd read it can cancel out the antibiotics if the yogurt is probiotic. I've also read some info that recommends probiotic yogurt when treating a rat with synulox as it can cause an upset digestive system so maybe it would be ok with this particular kind of medication.
I meant yougurt if you needed to get some food down muffin.
Also if you want to know about if you can use the yougurt with your antibiotic I would try and give your vet a call. I don't know many things about rat meds because I'm still kinda new and haven't experienced anything like that.
Our little rodents are too smart for their own good sometimes. I gave my boy Hartley baytril in yogurt when he was sick and when Duke broke his foot I gave him his metacam in yogurt. They both got better!

I haven't heard anything about yogurt counteracting medication and a lot of the time my vet will suggest giving it with goodies like yogurt. But if you are concerned about it definitely contact your vet and I'm sure they'd be happy to help.

Maybe just try out a few different flavors of things like yogurt (if your vet verifies that its okay) and baby food, and when you figure out his favorite add the medicine! If he doesn't eat it right away, leave it out for him. Keep the rats separate so Muffin gets his meds and not Mooshie. I had to do this with my boys because sometimes they were hesitant about the food. But usually they nibble on it until its gone if you wait long enough. Good luck!
My vet told me not to use dairy yogurt, but coconut yogurt, made with coconut milk...vanilla is my girls' favorite, is fine, also almond milk yogurt.
I found a little mayo worked for my rat Oliver who was on baytrill, but only for the first day because he got tired of eating mayo.
I cannot get my rats to take anything from a syringe! I've mixed meds with yogurt, juice, oatmeal, honey, and even soaked it on a piece of bread. Haven't had anyone refuse it that way.
My vet recommended mixing baytril with vanilla ice cream :)
Thanks for all the great advice everyone!
Dosing Muffin with a syringe when he was sick and weak was pretty easy but now Muffin is feeling stronger it's downright impossible.
I bought a bunch of different treats to mix his meds in, turns out clear honey was the winner in the end. He's a bit scared of the spoon so I had to have him lick it from my fingers. The dose he is on right now is quite high so I was there for a while lol! It's good to see him eating normally again.

Mooshie was not so fussy and hoovered up the contents of the spoon in seconds. He's looking loads better already - amazing what a few days of antibiotics can do.

Bathed Mooshies surgery wound in warm saltwater this evening - I think it's looking a lot less infected. He's back at the vet on Monday for a check up so fingers crossed everything's cleared up by then!
Thanks again for the help!
I'm glad they are feeling better
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