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Getting them housebroken?

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So, I finally have enough room to let my rats roam around a bit on the floor. But the problem, as always, is that as soon as their tiny little feet touch any foriegn ground they start leaving rat pellets everywhere. Since my gf just organized and cleaned the room, I really don't want to give her a reason to feed them to the neighbors dog. I know it might sound stupid, but is there any form of training or method I can use to tell them "You don't go here, you go in the cage"? Or at the most, get them to not do it as freaquently.
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Are they litter trained in the cage? If they are, you can just take the litter box out near them so they'll know to go there. If they aren't there's plenty of guides out there on how to litter train them, but it's essentially just picking up their poop and putting it in the box they're supposed to go in.
No litter box. The only thing I have for them is their cage and bedding. Would it work if I just took the top off and placed it on the floor like a litter box?
That might work. If they do have accidents, tell them no and put them in the bottom of the cage along with their poops. Praise them and give them treats/scritches if they go to the cage to go potty so they know this is a good thing to do. They're pretty eager to please if we can show them what we want.
Yea you should definately litter train in some way. My rats are litter trained and now they don't go anywhere on the floor , and they purposefully crawl to their litter boxes to poo. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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