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Going to the store today for bedding!!!

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I am going to the store today to get bedding. There doesnt seem to be a huge selection and i usually get care fresh ultra. This week the nautikins have decided they want their carefresh everywhere but in the litter boxes (go figure). What else can I use that is safe, but wont be as desirable or easy for them to move about. I know about the pine and stuff but I did see litter for ferrets and other small animals but I wasnt sure about it.
any suggestions? I dont mind sticking with the carefresh, its just I seem to be wasting alot of it when I clean the cage during the day, and I remember reading a thread while ago about someone switching to something else for the same reason.
thanks jodi
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yes thats what i mean...i was using the carefresh in the litter box just cause thats what they were used to peeing and pooing in from their last cage. I never thought about plain old newspaper! ha i just wanted to make sure there wasnt anything else out there i should not use
of course theyll probably remove that too eventually lol
I got some of the YN, (for ferrets is all they had). It seems to be working well. But i have seen tiny pieces chewed up everywhere. Do you think they would actually eat it? Or are they just playing with it cause its something new?
yea, thats what I figured. The tray in my FN was literally covered with tiny broken pieces of it everywhere, but today there was barely any mess. I think they were just playing with it since it was something new. Thanks for the suggestion:)
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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