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Hello hello!

My name is Jayney and I live up in the North of England near Blackpool. (Not in Blackpool, near. I feel like I should clarify that! ;D) I am 29 and work as a teacher. My partner is 31 and is self employed as a graphic designer and printer!

I own several animals besides ratties (11 gerbils, 3 Syrian hamsters and 1 Chinese dwarf. We also have a dog, well... a cat dressed like a dog). Next week we will be adopting 3 Rex Husky (I think I got that right...) girls from our local RSPCA. They were abandoned with their brothers at 2 weeks old and will be about 8 weeks old when we get them. I am very excited! As is my partner. We are a very rodenty household!

I look forwards to making friends here and getting advice about my new girlies.

I am interested in learning tips on how to train them especially!

Besides rodents I love crafting (I sew and create things with felt), I enjoy writing and play quite a lot of video games. I have tattoos and plan on getting more. I am Horde for life! :mad:

Hopefully make some good friends here! :)
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