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I am so tired of taking pics and updates of rats with health issues and everyone likes my Horde so...

Good morning my lovely Rampaging Horde!!! Although they don't rampage much in the morning. :roll: I had put their beloved Rat Shack back in the cage after washing it...Ahhh ratty bliss. :mrgreen:

There was 5 on top, and 3 inside this morning.
Let's see. Vesta, Terra, Valora, Brie and Dilbert on top...

Oooh there's Kyrie! What a lazy girl, rolls onto her back to see whats going on outside...

OK so Zuri and Prima are in the Shack too...but they aren't moving..
Nope Prima came out and now wants to play :lol:

C'mon Mom, play with meeeee!!! These guys are boring!

Where is Lucine, my sweet micro-eyed gal???
Ahhha! Someone had fun last night :roll:

There's sleepy Adia and Terra (she obviously didn't like to be disturbed when she was on the Shack)

And Aura comes out to take a peek...

Nawww too comfy in here...goodnight!

hmmmm...you again?? Lucine when did you move?

And Dilbert may not be Alpha but he is definitely King of this Cage. :heart:
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