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I lost another baby today. I don't know how old Puddin' was, but I can tell you that he was one of the sweetest rats I've had. He was so shy and skittish when I first got him; he was one of the four that came with the cage I had bought. He was losing fur when I got him, most likely due to the stress of having been put in with a paid of much older rats, who had bullied him and his brother, and left him with numerous little bites along his back.
After I introduced Puddin' and his brother, Pipsqueak, to my other boys, he started opening up more. He would come to me for treats instead of me leaving one near him to snatch up later. It took a while, but he eventually let me hold him without much fuss, though he never did like it much. He hated baths, but he would hold still for them, only letting out a little annoyed noise from time to time. He was very gentle as well; I have never observed him even play-nipping at the other boys when they wrestled, and he never snatched treats from me, choosing instead to take them slowly and carefully from my hand before running off to eat them.
Puddin' was always up in a hammock when he wasn't eating, snuggled together with his brother, or with Jellybean. I don't know what happened; he faded so fast, I didn't even have time to figure out what was happening before he was gone. He had such potential, and such a sweet personality. I loved him more than words can describe, for the short period of time that I had him. I'm never going to forget this little guy...I hope he's playing happily with all those others that have also crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

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