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Greetings, all 8)
I'm new here and to new rats as well.

I love animals and had many pets over the years.
Mainly had cats, but had other small pets as well.

After having a frog and chameleon, wanted something fuzzy.
So, had to have mice after seeing them at the pet shop!
Got a white mouse. Looked loney and got it a friend.
Few days later, got a black mouse. We're assured both were males.
Couple weeks later, one of the 'males' gave birth to many babies.
It was fun getting a Habitrail too. Really liked those mice!


Recently, I was all set to get a hamster...
until I went to the pet shop to find supplies,
then the attendant let me hold a hooded rat. :)

Aww, can't even begin to describe how sweet she was.
*heart flutters*
She sat on the arm of my fleece coat and nuzzled her nose in my elbow.
I did not want to put her down. :(
So, now I'd rather have a rat!

And that brings me here, to research and converse.
I have to refigure the cost and supplies for ratty...
Need a bigger cage now and need to make up a new list.

I am so excited about getting my rats soon!!
:D :D :D

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Welcome! you've definitly come to the right place if your looking to learn stuff about rats, just browse the forums and I'm sure you'll find loads of info.! By the way, as soon as you figure out the financial issues, be sure to get her a cage mate so she won't get lonely/depressed, seeing as rats a re highly social creatures! Good luck!
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