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I've had my two rats for two weeks now (about 10 weeks old), I'm new to having rats...

They seem to be settling in ok. One started sneezing a couple of days after I got them, it resolved after a few days of baytril, and they both seem to be ok now on that front.

But....I've now noticed that both of them are missing fur on the end of their scrotum. They were def both covered with hair there when I got them. At first the rat which seems to be subordinate one had a bit of fur missing, so I wondering if it was from them fighting. But now I've noticed it on both of them. They seem to scratch/groom/chew themselves a lot. I've covered them both with ivermectin to be on the safe side, and no improvement, if anything, they are both missing more fur now that previously. The rest of them is fine - no hair loss elsewhere, and the skin around the scrotum seems ok, no soreness.

Any ideas? Am I just being a paranoid owner? Or should I be worried that they seem to be over grooming at this age?
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