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hairless rat scratching eye...

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ive had my hairless rat for almost 2 years. she has a problem where she scratches her eye and it bleeds, pretty nasty. i took her to the vet a year ago and they gave me some drops for it...it helps somewhat but she still scratches...is there anything to do that can help her to stop? nail trimming? anything?
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guess ill continue to give her the drops every few days. nothing in the cage is giving her any allergic reaction. shes just scratching it when she cleans herself. i use the softest bedding i can get. that white ultra soft stuff, dunno what its called. and im always cleanin the cage and giving them bath's. ill try clipping the nails, any idea of any sites with info on trimming the nails? i dont want to do it without readin on it first.
Stephanie said:
i bathe my guys all the time with baby shampoo or with kitten/small animal shampoo it helps keep the fights down to a minimum (all males less male scent) they get a bath probably twice a month
thats about how often i bathe my rats, and i sometimes the haired rat only once a month. the hairless skin gets really nasty after 2 weeks because she has scars all over her from her previous owners rats. they put her in with a bunch of other rats and they beat her up, they took her back to the pet store and that is how i got her. i use kitten shampoo and her skins is smooth and nice afterwards. i dont really wash anywhere near her head and dont really get that area wet at all, dont get the shampoo anywhere near it, very careful when it comes to bathing the hairless.

they dont smell bad, haha ;p
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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