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Hairless Rats

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If I breed a Normal Rat with a Hairless Rat will I get a Mock Hairless?
Or Just half and half? Has anyone here ever tried this?
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Ok Thanks but What If The Hairless Was Bred And Another mom fed Them?
All of the Mothers we have Take care of Any Baby.
one time I seen a mother that had about 3 pinkies, 2 babies with eyes just opening, And some pre-weened babies.

So they Might like Hairless also.

EDIT: I just thought of this also.

What if i got a male Hairless (I want males) and Bred With a normal female. Then the feeding problem should be out of the way.

and if no babies are hairless they will still have some hairless gene in them. so if i grow them out and breed them there might be a bigger chance of hairless.
I am building 2 more houses and I am taking the rats from our breeder Racks. And Seeing as We are Experienced Breeders and I Want A Few Hairless, Well, I want some Hairless.
Actually, if I decide to Breed a Hairless, I can Easily find Hairless Rat homes.
i have Rat loving Friends that dont want one from petsmart or any other petstore but would gladly take them from me.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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