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Two weeks ago I was in Petsmart getting supplies and they had a beautiful little girl who seemed so curious and friendly. They were having a Halloween special and the rats were $5 each. My husband asked if I wanted to hold her since she seemed to have such a great personality and he was afraid that she'd end up as feeder at that price. Of course I feel in love with her so we decided she needed to come home with us. She had a sister in the cage and we couldn't bear to separate them so they both came home. To continue with our girls with boy name themes we named them Billie and Stevie.
Stevie Rat Nose Muridae Rodent Marsupial
Rat Hamster Muridae Rodent Gerbil

That's the story of how Billie and Stevie join the mischief.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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