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Hammock Crazy!

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I went a bit CrAzY crocheting hammocks! LMAO...So far Jay abd Bob have 6 hammocks and one hanging tube thing in their cage! Only thing stopping me now is that I have run outa yarn. :( Dang it! They have room in there cage for 4-6 more...hehe. I'll try to control myself. Ill post some pictures soon to show ya how its looking.

Does anyone know how to crochet hammocks? I want to make a cornor hammock, but I only know how to crochet a square! LMAO :D Im a dork, anyways I keep ya'll updated on how the cage is looking.
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I started hand sewing blankets and hammocks for my rats (doing a quilt type thing, sewing squares together) but this sounds fun too. My grandma crochets and once tried to teach me and I got so frustrated LOL I'm afraid to even try it on my own. But this sounds cool! I might just have to.
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