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Hand Sowing

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I've looked over the forum a dozen times and haven't been able to find a topic so i'll start this please correct me if there is one...

After seeing all your cages im really eager to start making my own hammocks and such but (a) i have no sowing machine and (b) mos guides i find are for machines not hand sowing :(...so can anyone help me???
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Well Im not to neat so when I have sown for my rats it has been snip snip and and a coulple a lines of hand stiches but maybe that would be to untidy for you?
When I made a "rat bag" for mine they didnt destroy it, think the smaller the stiches the less they would want to nibble and also depends on yor rat I think
oooh, like it :)
I looked at a hand sewing machine for under £10

Not under a tenner but still cheep
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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