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Handling new rats

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What is the best way to first get to know them. I was thinking of just letting them get used to their cage for a while, then gently pet them. I don't wanna scare them and I certainly don't wanna get bit. Is bribing them with treats a good way to build trust? I don't have any rats now, is there anything I should look for in picking out rats? Besides health issues, how should their behavior be?
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I got my fiona from a pet shop and i picked the one that wasnt sleeping with all the others she was sitting up cleaning herself. Idk why but i felt like i needed that one. As for getting trust. I put my hand in her cage and let her sniff without trying to pet her. if she tried or acted like she wanted to get out i'd pick her up and hold her i'd let her climb on me where ever she wanted. and put her under my shirt so she could get used to my scent.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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