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.. okay, that's a little too late, but still.

Hi :D

I'm an 18 year old girl from Denmark, and i'm really quite nice :wink:
This is me:

Haha :lol: :roll:

And these are my beloved monsters:

♂ Felix; agouti hooded rex

♂ OTO Kraanium; russian blue self dumbo

♀ Fly; black hooded mm

♀ Ina; black berkshire dumbo

♀ Kira; american blue hooded mm

♀ Sigge's Golden Flower; black self rex dumbo

♀ Granau's Molly; agouti banded husky

♀ Granau's Vidia; agouti banded husky

♀ OTO Jungle Rot; siamese husky rex

♀ OTO Karneficina; black self dumbo

♀ OTO Mortufairy; platinum self dumbo


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jellybeanqueen said:
wow..you have a lot of rats.
they're all super cute! =)
did you get them from breeders?
My first rat, Felix, is from a petshop.
Ina, Kira and Fly is from a petshop too, tho i got them from a girl who couldn't take care of them anymore.
The rest are from breeders :)
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