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Harlan Teklad run - will ship to you!

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In two weeks, I'm going to be placing a pick-up order with Harlan Teklad to buy food & bedding for my ratties. I can only use 2 33lb bags (spread between me and friends) plus some bedding, which amounts to around $30.

If you're interested in tacking onto my order, I'd be happy to ship any items to you via DHL Ground or FedEx Ground (whichever's cheaper to your destination) for the exact cost of items + shipping.

For payment, you can use a money order, personal check, or Paypal (total plus my fees - 3% + $.50).

All of the current prices are here: http://www.glfra.com/harlan.htm
I'd also be happy to split bags of food up into the amount you want - I've got a good shipping scale to weigh it out accurately.

I'll be shipping from Madison, WI 53715.

Quicklinks to shipping calculators:
FedEX: http://fedex.com/ratefinder/home?cc=US&language=en&link=1&lid=//Ship//Pack+Rates+Corp
DHL: http://www.dhl-usa.com/ratecalculator/HandlerServlet?CLIENT=RATES_REQUEST_DISPLAY&nav=GetRates
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