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There is only today and tomorrow to participate, but I thought I would post this.

Drusilla said:
Harmony House Raffle!!

**Permission to Cross-Post**

It's time for another raffle working for a good cause! Harmony House, who is working with the Colebrook Rat Project, are in need of supplies and funding to care for all the rats they have recently rescued!

The complete story of the Colebrook Rat Project is detailed at:


Tickets can be purchased via PayPal at [email protected] DO NOT USE THE WORD
"RAFFLE" - Use "Harmony". You will be emailed you ticket numbers!

Ticket prices:
$1.00/ each for 1-4 tickets
$5.00 for 6 tickets
$10.00 for 13 tickets
$15.00 for 18 tickets
$20.00 for 25 tickets

For snail mail for those who choose to enter via check/money order, please email Carol J at [email protected] - Please email Carol with any questions as well!

WINNERS will be drawn on October 12th, at which time the 1st person drawn gets first pick of all the prizes! 2nd place choose second, and so on. As of right now there are 23 PRIZES which can be seen at: http://public.fotki.com/DrusillaK/harmony-house-raffl/

MORE prizes are to be added soon! Winners will be notified via email and asked to choose their prize in descending order, as drawn. There are MANY fabulous prizes, and with more on the way, you've got even more chances to win something fantastic, all while helping a rescue that desperately needs some support!

Prize List (more to be added!):

1. "Vera Ratley" quilted bag
2. Ratatouille Party Pack
3. Ratatouille T-shirt, size Large
4. Ratatouille Children's Book Trio
5. Ratatouille Toys
6. Rattie Christmas
7. Rattie Road Sign Duo
8. Rattie Book Trio
9. Rattie Grab Bag
10. Silver Coin Collection
11. Rattie Wear
12. Rattie Love
13. Large Stained Glass Hanging Rat Plaque with stand
14. Small Stained Glass Rat Sun-Catcher with stand
15. The Seasonal Rattie
16. Netted Tube Necklace
17. Sterling Silver Necklace
18. Silly Rat Soft Sculpture Pin
19. $25.00 Gift Certificate from "The Crafty Rat"
20. Cute Rattie T-shirt, size XL
21. Hammock Fun
22. House Mouse Fun
23. Rodent Holiday

Again, photos of the prize packs can be seen at:


Harmony House is still in need of supplies and support in other ways. If you can donate, some of their needs include:
Wodent Wheels
TRANSPORT for rats

If you can donate, please contact Sharry at [email protected] (This email address is also applicable for PayPal donations)

With Sharry's permission, she wanted the following message to be shared with the rat community:

"I have to say, after running a rabbit rescue for three years without a single donation, I've gotten a pretty sour taste in my mouth for people in general who could care less about animals and what a shelter has to go through to clean up other people's messes. In the past few weeks my faith has been renewed through the rattie people who write to me every day with words of encouragement and the occassional donation. I honestly don't know how I would be able to handle this responsibiltiy without them. That you are going out of your way to put together a raffle to help this cause blows my mind. I want to thank everyone involved personally, but as you can imagine I'm busy every spare minute. I want you all to know how truly grateful I am."


The organizers of this fundraiser would like to acknowledge and thank those who have donated thus far - without your generosity there would be no raffle:

Jane Adamo
Karen Borga
Linda Bradley/The Crafty Rat - http://www.thecraftyrat.com/
Julie/ Rattie Ratz - http://www.rattieratz.com/
Janet Girard/JagWear Jewlery - http://JagWearJewelry.com/
Diane Newburg - Quality custom hammocks - [email protected]
Elizabeth Ruppert
Ashley Hatheway/Pamper Your Rat - http://pamperyourrat.com/
Drusilla M. Kehl/The Illustrated Rat - http://zazzle.com/Drusilla
Diane/The Rat Shop - http://www.theratshop.com/

Ashley & The B-Rats!
Remembering Our Beloved Rikku -
The Princess of Pudge...I miss you so much
And forever missing our angel rats
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