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I adopted Harriet (4 month old female) four days ago in neglected shape from a pet store. She is still shy in her cage but active on the outside. Her new buddies won't be ready until a month from now. She doesn't eat much but is starting to look better.
She allows being petted and doesn't seem to be as "frozen" anymore.
She will sit on my lap, grooming herself and snuggling under a vest but as soon as she smells her cage, she jumps into it like a squirrel, checks briefly with me and then hides motionless in her corner. This sweetie has never attempted to bite.
Will this improve when she gets her new friends? They are from a breeder who socializes them.Is it OK to still pick her up, give her free time in the bathroom (she runs around there, checking things out and not afraid of me)? I feel so sorry for her, wish they could talk sometimes so you could tell them that they are safe.
Still looking for some advice.
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