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There are so many combinations of antibiotics and it's hard to know which ones are going to be most effective without having a culture done.

In the past I tried the following with no success (my former heart rat passed away despite my efforts to cure her pneumonia):
-penicillin subQ

Would using one of the above antibiotics work with Biaxin? Using antibiotics in synergy is usually best. Which ones to choose is questionable.

My current sick rat is showing signs of labored breathing. He was on Baytril for a couple of weeks when he first started sneezing. He seemed to be okay so I took him off the Baytril. Now he has full blown pneumonia. He is vocal when breathing (squeaking sound) and sounds terrible when rat phoned.

Any suggestions? Please no 'vet visit' suggestions. I did that with my first rat and spent $320 and she died 21 days later despite different combinations of antibiotic therapy and oxygen therapy. As rat owners many of us know how to compound our own meds and know how to weigh our rats on a kitchen scale.
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