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I know this is a very old thread, but I wanted to bump it to see what people thought of it now?

Mouse has started to occasionally have a little bit of honking/wheezing in her nose that I hear rarely over the last couple days, some days I don't even hear it at all, and will usually last only a couple seconds. No sneezes or porphyrin, no noises at all when I rat-phone her either. I know it's the start of a URI and I will take her to the vet if it gets any worse at all next week after the weekend, but I was really really hoping I could find a decent home remedy to possibly kick it down while it's still very minor and hardly noticable.

I would like to avoid antibiotics if at all possible, since she has megacolon, and I worry that since antibiotics can sometimes cause trouble for sensitive stomachs, that it might not be good for her. If there are any home remedies that I can try first before taking her to the vet, that would be great. however, if shes not better in a few days after the weekend is over, I will definitely make an appointment to take her in and get some proper medication.

I've mixed some honey and raw crushed garlic into her special food and I'm hoping that will be decent enough. She refuses to eat either the honey or garlic seperately so I need to hide it in her food. What do you all think about the garlic oil mentioned here? Or even the little mix the OP said? I can give it to her directly and even mix it into her MC medication twice a day.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts