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magickat said:
Forensic said:
Speaking from a strictly scientific point here: With the advent of new medicines life expectancy increased remarkably because the old remedies often help symptoms without curing.
Yep. The variety of and incidents of disease has also increased. It is a self propelling relationship wherein human beings are getting diseases, they take medicines to help them live longer, they get more diseases, they need more medicines, etc, etc.
Meanwhile we are overpopulating and thus irreversibly polluting our planet causing more diseases that stem from the general overpopulation and misuse of our planet. Not to mention the effect on the animal kingdom wherein the increasing numbers of human beings use up, take up and destroy the resources of so many species, causing them to go extinct which ultimately adversely effects our own chances of surviving long term. :(

During those times when we were using earth-made remedies but not 'curing' diseases we were living more harmoniously amongst our plant and animal brothers & sisters. We were actually sustaining our existence much more effectively than now that we are lengthening the life expectancy of human beings.

*stepping off of soap box now*

um.. please don't take this the wrong way...

can I hug you? 8)
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