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I agree with the benefits of garlic in ratties.. mine have garlic oil capsules and love them!..
They are said to deter fleas as the oil comes thru the skin and fleas dont like it, yet doesnt make the rattie smell garlicy..

Also: Researchers have discovered that garlic can stop lipid peroxidation in animals, the process where LDL, the bad cholesterol, turns rancid and is more likely to damage the cardiovascular system. The researchers induced a type of heart attack known as myocardial infarction in rats. In rats not treated with garlic, antioxidant enzymes were reduced after the heart attack. There was also an increase in lipid peroxidation. When garlic was given to the animals, however, both of these negative effects were significantly reversed.

According to the researchers, ...garlic oil exerts its effects by modulating lipid peroxidation and enhancing antioxidant and detoxifying enzyme systems.

Garlic also strengthens the immune system, by working against immune invaders and attacking bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. AlliTru represents a scientific breakthrough as a method of delivering the best of garlic in a convenient capsule.

*would like to add that garlic is TOXIC in dogs and cats*
Garlic does have toxic potential to pets, and is generally more potent than onion, also a member of the Allium species, in causing changes in red blood cells in dogs and cats. This is true in raw, cooked or powdered forms. In theory, "deodorized" garlic is allegedly less toxic, since the disulfides, responsible for both the odor and the toxicity, are usually largely removed.
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