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:D I have done this research for 7 months and have successfully treated my 2 Female rats for Respiratory Disease and they are healthy.

Kyolic Liquid Garlic Extract - best deal vitacost.com item KY 100236

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Raw Unfiltered

Honey - local from your area Organic

Filtered Water

Jarrow Formulas - 7 Mushroom Blend Immune System Optimizer Powder.

Mix 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar , 3- 1/4 teaspoons of honey place in 1 oz dropper bottle, fill with filtered water and shake well.

Give Adult Rats 10 drops of Liquid Garlic Extract and 10 drops of Honey ,Vinegar ,Water all mixed together morning and night . Adjust according to size and control of symptoms. Depends on your rats taste. I would only increase by 1 drop of each per day until symptoms are under control.

I would give baby rats 1 drop of each and slowly build to 10 drops and up of each according to taste, size and control of symptoms.

I give this to them in a small ( Mini Porcelain Crocks work good ) bowl separately.

Morning - Organic Pea or Green Bean baby food with 10 drops HVW and 10 drops LGE mixed all together.

Night - Organic Apple Sauce with 10 drops HVW , 10 drops LGE and 1/4 scoop of Mushroom Powder all mixed together.

I would rather give my rats this morning and night everyday than give them antibiotic and steroids 1 day.

Mini is allergic to carrots ( face puffs up) and if I was giving antibiotic and steroid I would have never known.

Every once in a while I put on the Vaporizer to put more moisture in the air - I read that this also helps with Respiratory Problems.

I hope that this helps ya’ll and your trusting , loving, sweet, innocent bebes ( I love Mini-Moo & her little friend Miz-Blue)) I know it will save you a ton of money at the Vet Office.

Rats need low fat , low protein and 75 % to 80 % carbs from what I have learned.

I feed Mini-Moo and Miz Blue organic boc choy , broccoli and kale

Mazuri rat block

Organic Apple Sauce - just apples no sugar or anything added

1 smoked oyster a week

Assorted Mixed Organic Beans 2-3 x per week - Canned

Very Occasional Whole nut treat - pecans , brazil nuts...... so far and I hep em by making a crack.

Super Pet Peach Orchard Sticks ( renewable resource ) I have learned that fruit tree branches are ok for them - I did use Greenie dog chews but they have to much protein and caused sores under Miz Blue's chin and on neck.

Filtered water from 2 glass bottles - baby nipple brush and hot water cleans sipper tube good.

I use Life Mate Hemp Bedding and Critter Country Litter ( renewable resources ) not harmful to rats.

I have a Holistic Vet that I take my animals to when needed and I will give antibiotics if absolutely necessary. So Far I have not had to. I have had my rats for 7 months and as of 12-23-2007 Mini Moo and Miz Blue are showing no signs of respiratory problems. No more coughing , runny eye or nose. Skin and fur look healthy with no sores.

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