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Having one rat

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My rat Harry doesn't look like he has much time. I have a vet appointment booked for next week but idk if he can make it that long. He has P.T and has been experiencing symptoms for about a week and a half. Is it ok to have one rat? Because his brother is still young and it will be atleast a couple months before i can get another cage and another friend for him. They are both only a year and 3 months.
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I can but i need to sell a bunch of old stuff and get a new job. I'll have one next month and of course it will be temporary. I will spend as much time with him as i can too. I need one of those double critter nations so i can keep the new rat separated from him. I only have a cage big enough for two with no separator
Do you have a small animal rescue you can contact? They sometimes have 'twilight' fosters, who are older and not up for adoption. But you can foster one or two to keep with Pilgore, and the rescue will take care of any vet bills and maybe even help with a cage. Just a thought.
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