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Head Swaying...

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Hey guys, this is my first post!

Well, I am looking to both of my girl rats to the vet this weekend, but I thought that I would stop by here and see if I could get any feedback.

My older girl rat, I don't know, maybe a month or 2 old??? Well, it looks as though she sways back and forth to music that isn't playing. I don't mean the head bob, I know that is normal. It is a very lazy and dreamy swaying motion from left to right and she looks like a vegetable when she is doing it. I think it is a mental retardation.. What do you guys think?

She does this sometimes when she is in her cage on her little perch. I don't think I have seen her do it outside of her cage. Also very weird, I think being in her cage makes her unhappy... like, super depressed. I'm very concerned. :cry:
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Head swaying often means they either have narrow vision or very poor eyesight, they do it to try picking up movement, if they sway from side to side they can pick things up a little easier. Get her eyes tested if you can, is she red eye'd? its most comment in them.there's not much to worry about I dont think. I have had a few rat who did that. They lived healthy normal lives appart from the swaying, i also had a REW rabbit who did it.
Well i hope everything goes well at the vets :)
Coughing? Are you sure it doesnt sound like a grunting noise?
I had one rat who would make a grunting noise every so often, sometimes she didnt and her chest was fine but it turns out she had asthma.
If thats it then its not much to worry about they live fine with it.

What are you bedding your rats on?
If its sawdust/woodshavings then they're bad for the rats breathing, it could also cause the sneezing/coughing.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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