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Head Swaying...

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Hey guys, this is my first post!

Well, I am looking to both of my girl rats to the vet this weekend, but I thought that I would stop by here and see if I could get any feedback.

My older girl rat, I don't know, maybe a month or 2 old??? Well, it looks as though she sways back and forth to music that isn't playing. I don't mean the head bob, I know that is normal. It is a very lazy and dreamy swaying motion from left to right and she looks like a vegetable when she is doing it. I think it is a mental retardation.. What do you guys think?

She does this sometimes when she is in her cage on her little perch. I don't think I have seen her do it outside of her cage. Also very weird, I think being in her cage makes her unhappy... like, super depressed. I'm very concerned. :cry:
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I had some rats that coughed alot when I was a teenager. After one died I tried to start medicating them. I used minocycline from my acne medication (it was a pill with a yellow powder in it). I just put a little in their water (like 5mg per bottle) and let them drink it over a week or so. Then they were fine. No more coughing!
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