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Hello everyone, here I'm just telling about the story of my rats (and how I came to the idea of having them)
Not sure if this is the place to post this, but if not here, where?
WARNING: Long post ahead.

So, it all started with my parents bringing a pigeon they found home. The pigeon had a very hurt wing and would surely be eaten by a fox, cat or other predator. We put it in our back garden and gave it away to a pigeon care organization in the evening.
That got me thinking. Caring for that pigeon, giving it food and water made me suddenly want a pet. I asked my parents for one and they were like "Jane, you know we can't have a cat or a dog." Which was logical, since we were renting a house, and I (like my dad) have allergy to cats, and walking a dog all the time... I wasn't ready for a responsibility like that. So, I told my parents I wanted a cage animal like a hamster, or a mouse, and my dad said that rats made great pets too. Which surprised me, since, I confess, I believed the stereotype about rats being dirty and not smart(Obviously, not anymore, DUUH). I decided to search it up, and found loads of reasons for having rats as pets! I also found out they were social and smart, and that's where my obsession began.
I told my parents about my decision, and my dad took me to Homebase for me to look at real rats. They were sleeping so I didn't get such a good look at them, but it was enough to harden my determination. Then, my dad told me I needed to pick a cage on Amazon myself. So I did. Well, me and my dad consulted, but I had the last word. That took about a month. So, I didn't quite know what rats needed and how much they would need, so my cage looks a bit poor(Yeah, still... I know I should have asked my dad to order some things but he's quite busy since we're moving). We then found a breeder. Really, it was quite a bad one, since the rats were already two and a half months old and not handled at all... We were aiming for two rats but the breeder let us choose and I couldn't leave the other one behind! So that's how I got three of my rats, specifically Ferry, Trouble and Misty.

You'd think the story would end here. But it didn't. In about two weeks, we noticed that Trouble and Misty weren't allowed in the rat house we bought. In a few days, my dad came to pick me up from school and told me he had happy and weird news. The happy news were that we knew why Trouble and Misty weren't allowed in the house. That was the weird news. Apparently, right now there were eleven pink blobs with tails sucking at Ferry. My rat had babies!
I watched them grow up. When they were about three weeks old, I named three of them. The first one was Midnight. She was a black rat with two white dots like stars on her forehead. The second one was Dot. She was grey with a white dot on her forehead. And last... can you guess?
Yes! It's Omen! She was black (now dark grey) with a white stripe on her forehead. I called her that because I just liked the name. Plus, wouldn't it be nice to say "That's a good Omen!" time to time?
Midnight and Omen were my heart rats. And then came the sad news...
I would have to give all of the babies away but one.
I was immediately heart-broken, and took Midnight and Omen and rat away and just cried into their fur. I begged my parents to let me keep two, but they said I had to pick one. Eventually, I just picked at random and it turned out to be Omen I kept.
When I had to give Midnight away, I cried once more and hugged her hard. Giving a heart rat away is really hard...

So that's my story! A bit of a sad ending, but having the babies was a wonderful experience. Moral of the story? CHOOE YOUR BREEDERS CAREFULLY!
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