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My names Leslie, I'm 16 and I'm currently taking on three rats! My number was at five, unfortunately that number dwindled recently very unexpectedly, which was absolutely heartbreaking and I am still very torn about it. But I will get to that one in another post.
My girls names are Lilac, Juniper and our newest member Poppy! Lilac is a Himalayan dumbo, Juniper is a Berkshire and Poppy is an Agouti hooded!
Lilac is about 2.3 years old at the moment, Juniper is around a year and a half and my newest girl is probably around 4 months :)
They are housed in the Feisty Ferret Home by Prevue and currently use the both two stories. I'm looking to buy them more accessories in the future, I am hoping to buy them tons of hammocks, swings, ladders, the whole nine yards. If anyone can give me tips and advice on bedding, that would be much appreciated. My girls like to tear up the blankets I set down and go underneath them revealing the bottom, I was hoping if someone can direct me in what is best to use for preventing that, ex: what do you use? and if your rats chewed fabric how did you get them to stop? Thank you!
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