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iNZANE & Keiko
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Hello. My name is iNZANE and that little furball is Keiko. She's my first rat, but I'm used to having one in the house. My mom used to own a rat herself (Mr. Mojo Rising) who outlived most rats. I'm not sure exactly how long he lived but it was more than 2 years (which apparently is the norm).

I live in Coraopolis, PA, down the road from a local pet store. I visited there regularly, so they let me hold some of their animals. Birds, dogs, snakes, gerbils, hamsters, the works. All those were cool and all, but I knew my favorites were the rats (I took to the snakes as well, but I don't want to feed rats to them, so it was best I didn't get one). At first I wanted a white rat with red eyes, cus that's badass, but I eventually decided on my little Keiko.
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Keiko was the smallest rat they had, and since, naturally, I wanted to keep a rat for as long as possible, I figured she was the best choice. She's named after professional wrestling legend Bull Nakano whose real name is Keiko Nakano. I chose this name because:
A.) I'm a huge Japanophile
B.) I'm a huge wrestling fan, and
C.) Bull Nakano is the greatest female pro wrestler in the world if not simply the greatest wrestler, period.
She shares the same birthday as my dad, May 24, and loves to run from shoulder to shoulder, person to person, and and into my girlfriend's shirt (along with everyone else's, but her's especially).

I look forward to seeing you in the forums!
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