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Hello! I've not used this forum before but after a long while I finally decided to join.

I have owned rats for four years, and in total have owned 12 rats (14 if you count the pair I rat-sit for my sister occasionally). Although I no longer own my first six rats, the six new boys I got this summer are lovely.

Even with frequent handling non of my current boys are particularly fond of being picked up, but they're all friendly and enjoy spending time with me, whether it be greedily taking treats from my hands or just climbing all over me when they're out in their playpen.

Currently I have Earl, Jojo, Badger, Harvey, Teddy and Busby. Teddy is the odd one out, as he's the only one of my boys who is a top-eared rex. The other 5 are all standard with dumbo ears.

Being roans, Badger and Busby are actually now much lighter than they look in the photos below.
Rat Chinchilla Rodent Muridae Muroidea

Although I have had rats for a while now I still consider myself a novice so I'm always researching and trying to improve the lives of my boys one way or another, so of course any advice is always greatly appreciated =)
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