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Most people find hamsters cute. Is it the tail they don´t like about rats??

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  • Do rats have a tail?? I didn´t notice.

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Yeah well,
as the subject says I live in DK, 30 years of age and a bicyclemechanic by trade.
Got 3 rats:

Miss Rat: Female, 1 year old, Irish Berkshire... the first one I got
Victoria : Female, 5 weeks old or less, just got her yesterday (21/07/2007)
Cody : Male, 6 weeks old and also just got him (21/07/2007)

They're all cute and friendly although Cody isn´t as easy to handle as the other two.
Most of my friends and family find them discusting but then again they don't know much about keeping rats as pets but see them as a pest
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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