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Hello from California

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Hello! :D My name is Jessica. I'm 19 years old and just adopted my first two rats! They're both from the same liter, so they're getting along very well. Originally, I had adopted just one. After reading up some, I couldn't handle the thought of my little baby girl getting lonely, so I went back and got one of her sisters for her to play with!

My brother owned a rat before, but that was a long time ago, so I'm going to do my best to take care of my little girls. My boyfriend was a bit unsure about my adoption at first, but I bet once he gets the chance to play with them a bit, he'll come around. Who couldn't love them? :wink:

Besides my new love muffins, I'm into art, sewing, online games, off-roading, and drawing. I'm also a full time college student working to be a business major. These forums seem very nice, so I'm very glad to be here.
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Hey there! I'm 19 and I live in cali too lmao. When I first moved in with my BF he wasnt so sure about living with my baby Beavis...But he ended up loving the lil guy. After Beavis died I wasn't sure about gettign another rat and after seeing how sad I had become not having Beavis around my BF talked me into it getting one. After a month I found myself with TWO handsome boys, Jay and Silent Bob!
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