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Hello all,

I'm told I need to post three new threads for registration, so allow this to be #1. :)

My name is Ted and I teach 4th grade.

MANY years ago I had a rat...named Cocoa. She was a sweetheart! Would hang out on my shoulder and relax as I watched TV. She would never bite and just was a cuddle-bug. Sadly, she passed due to cancer (which I hear isn't unusual).

Fast-forward to a few years ago when I tried to rescue two male rats from a Bay Area group. It didn't work out, so I had to return them.

I'm currently thinking of trying it again. This time, I'm speaking with a breeder from Santa Cruz and she's been very kind in answering my questions about rats, etc.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. I hope to learn much from this site. Thanks for having me! :)
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