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Hi there!
I figured since I can't yet post on the traditional forums until I am approved (due to a semi recent approach to deal with various spammers) I would instead introduce myself!

The name's Cob, I am a relatively new rat owner, starting just 6 or 7 months ago.
I have three rats, two that I adopted from a SPCA shelter in the mid summer of last year at about 10 months of age, and one little guy (not anymore!) that I purchased a few months ago from the pet store in one of those congested fish tank.

The two older ones are Murphy and Rupert, Murphy being of the black and white stripe variety, Rupert albino, and now Leo a multi-toned greyish light brown colour.

Murphy is lazy but calm and trusting, Rupert is fairly ill-tempered and skittish (I suspect the previous owner may have abused him), and Leo is by far our little daredevil, frequently leaping 2-4 foot distances from the cage to get to my shoulder at the computer chair and to explore my desk. All has been going very well so far with these little guys and am really quite surprised at how smart and cuddly rats can be.

It is a pleasure to now be part of the ratforum community and I hope to share some of my newbie experiences as well as learn from the pros as time goes on!


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