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It looks like I forgot to make a intro here.

A little about me.

My name is Julia. I live in South Florida near West Palm Beach. I am a 6th generation native to FL (rare thing)

I currently have 7 wonderful ratty friends living with me.

Fluffy-- hairless female
Tipsy-- chocolate brown colored female with white feet, belly & tail tip
Nubbers-- Blue tailess male (not sure if he was born this way) with white belly & feet

Then we have the brat pack, Fluffies little ones. They are 21 days old today. They are just now starting to display their personalities so names will be coming soon. My icon is a picture of the crew before we had a mystery loss of one of the blondies. I think Fluffy's milk production has either stopped or trickled to nearly nothing. The morning we lost the little one (which there were absolutely no signs of poor health) I noticed they were very thristy so I started supplementing with esbilac. The best guess I can make is that Fluffy simply wasn't producing enough milk & the one that passed must have been solely relying on her & not eating as much as the others. I will most likely contine with esbilac feedings until they are 6 weeks to ensure health. They are already eating like crazy & drinking from the water bottle.

Well enough for now. :wink:

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