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Hello my name is Laura and I'm a 25 year old FIRST TIME rat owner (So I'm going to have lots of questions for everyone hehehe)

These are my beautiful new girls

This is Dolores - she is 7 weeks old! You can't see it in this photo but she has a grey head and a while body with a very cute little lightening strike running down her back. She is the more hyperactive of the two and is constantly running around and exploring
Rat Ear Skin Muridae Rodent

And this Dorothy - She is 8 weeks old. Dorothy is the fatty of the two and is much quieter than Dolores. Dorothy is very content sitting in the same spot and stuffing her face with food all day.
Animal shelter Iron Canidae Sporting Group Puppy

Looking forward to getting to know you all and picking the brains of all you seasoned rat owners :) I still have lots to learn but want to be the best rat mummy I can possibly be.
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