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Hello from Portsmouth

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hi there

i have never been a member of a rat forum before, but it looks really friendly here :D

i have 6 rats:

2 girls, Ellie and Leeloo (6 months)
1 boy, Mario - a rescue rat...(9 months)
3 baby girls - Kudjo, Clarice and E.T....they are about 7 weeks old so cute!

i get my rats from a great man who has a little pet shop but gets the ratties from good breeders and is so loving with them that they are used to being held when i get them...he spends so much time with them, the best guy ever!

trying to introduce my little girls to the bigger ones but introductions aren't going well even though i follow loads of advice from the internet. E.T got bitten by Ellie (who is normally lovely) so i have split them up until the babies are bigger to defend themselves.

mario the boy is alone cos his brother died a few months ago before i got him. i was considering neutering him so he can hang out with the girls...he must get lonely on his own...but don't wanna put him through unnecessary suffering. On the other hand, i don't want them breeding so it may be necesary!

anyhoo, that was a long first post....just wanted to say hi!

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thanks very much for the warm welcome!
aw, thanks for the welcome guys!

i am hoping to get Mario neutered, he is such a lovely little fellow and needs some company from the girls! also, he has a huge cage that would be awesome to put the girls in!

i think he has mites though, i had noticed him scratching around his ears but hadn't seen anything on the skin...but obviously with his back feet his nails are doing some damage so his skin is broken a bit under the chin. i am off to the vets today to get the mite medicine!

i have just graduated from uni, looking for a job...it's taking ages...i am down to my last £100 so i went to ASDA yesterday and brought all the cheap food that came to £12.50 so i have enough for vet's fees!

it's great i am starting work soon so i will have lots of extra rat money!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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