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Hello from the UK.

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I’m Helen from the UK and ‘mum’ to two male rats called Salt and Pepper. They are aged 16 months and Salt is black and white (and a real fatty!). Pepper is white with red eyes and has just had surgery to remove a tumour (he is doing well).
These are the fist rats I have owned (I’m almost 29) and I LOVE THEM! Some folk squirm at the thought of keeping rats but I think they are brilliant pets!
As well as Salt and Pepper I share my life with my fiancé and our two-year-old daughter (she loves rats too!).

Helen. :)
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welcome to the forums. i love little kids their lack of fear for animals. my 4 year old son has always loved his ratty "sisters" too. but i have to ask, why did you name the white one pepper and the dark one salt?
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