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Hi everyone! My girlfriend and I have two female rats, Leeloo and Gentry.

This is the baby, Gentry. She's roughly two or three months old, and basically fearless. She's active, attentive, happy to climb up your arm and lick your cheek, all that. Very well socialized. I purchased her from a local pet store at the end of September as a cage mate for Leeloo. Here I have to bribe her with yogurt just so she will stay still for the shot.

This is Leeloo. She is Gentry's polar opposite. My girlfriend got her roughly 6-8 months ago from her dad, who breeds exotic birds (and some other animals). Leeloo was one of a litter that they bred for feed rats, but my girlfriend wanted to keep her as a pet. Sadly, she wound up keeping this rat completely solitary into adulthood. For this reason Leeloo is timid to her core. She's practically scared of her own shadow. I've been working with her for the past five or six months to try and socialize her, with some small success. As you can see I am bribing her so she won't hide as soon as I uncover her from the towel.

This is their current living space. When I first met Leeloo, she was living in a very small habitat consisting of just that pink litter tray you see at the bottom, and a one story cage with a tiny door. I already had the wire shelf, which happened to fit the litter pan perfectly. With a little elbow grease I put this habitat together. Now onto the problem.

Gentry was sneezing constantly from the day she arrived. After a week with no improvement, we took her to the vet. He put her on Sulfa Trimeth. The day after we started the antibiotics, I noticed Leeloo was sneezing (for the first time ever) and had red mucus coming from her nose. I immediately began giving them both the antibiotic. After a week of antibiotics, Gentry still has the sneezles. Leeloo seems to be improving, but I'm worried she could be hiding her symptoms since she is so elusive. I decided to buy Baytril and amoxycillin since I could get them cheaper online that through the vet. When I consulted with him today, he said to give Gentry some children's benadryl to see if that would resolve her symptoms. If that doesn't work, I'll switch to the Baytril, and if that doesn't work after a week, I'll add the amoxycillin. What do you think of this plan?

Also on my list of concerns is Leeloo's depression/anxiety problem. Lately she's been acting more down than usual. I bought some strawberry flavored probiotic wafers for them, hoping that this will replenish their healthy gut bacteria and improve Leeloo's mood, but there is a problem. Gentry snatches them up without hesitation. Leeloo, always the stubborn one, refuses to eat them. Do you think I could crush up a tablet in their water bottle? They have two bottles, so I could leave one with fresh water. Otherwise I'll probably just crush up the tablets into yogurt. I would particularly appreciate any thoughts on the rehabilitation of Leeloo.
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