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Well its official! As of today my family are the proud new owners of 2 baby fancies! My girls named them Elsa & Anna (of course). They are both B&W females and will be 5 weeks old on Sunday. I am SO in love even though we got them as pets for our triplets. I can not wait to watch them grow up and get to enjoy all the fun things of being a first time rat owner.
I feel like I really owe the Petsmart employee a huge thank you as we had originally taken our girls to pick out a hamster and it was actually the employee who introduced us to rats and explained why they would make such better pets. At first I was completely anti but I have SO realized the error of my ways and can totally see me being a lifelong rat lover now whether it be for my girls or just my hubby and self!
Any suggestions or tips and tricks for raising these little babies is much appreciate and welcome! I'm super happy that I found a community I can come to for support and advice!
Here's a picture of my girls with their brothers and sisters when they are first born! I hope to get some good ones of them together now soon!


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