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Hi, salut, moi, I'm Albatross, but most call me Alby! I live in and am from good ol' New York. (Although I've never been to NYC! D:)

A warning: I am extremely bad at English x'DD I don't know why, I guess my parents never taught me properly? I am just really bad at grammar and wording and sometimes spelling. My sentences usually don't make sense~

But, one thing I am good at is learning new languages. I learn Finnish as a second language from one of my best friends, and French as a second-third language when I was at school.
I am a zoologist, paleontologist, and entomologist. My favorite animal is the Wandering albatross, and second is the crow. Rats and crows were my dream pets, until now of course, when my mom surprised me by getting me two dumbo rats for Christmas, which are named Kevin and Kijone, Kevin was named by my older sister and Kijone is just another spelling of the Jamaican name Keone.
Both of them are variegated, one black and one creeeeeaaaam-isshh...I can't think of what cream looks like and I use it for many colors, but it's more like tan I guess.
My mom says no more rats but I REALLY..REAlly... really want a hairless and siamese girl to go with my two, like, really badly. I went on PetFinder and AdoptAPet and there were multiple young siamese rats but they were too far away for my mom to even consider, my limit is in NY. By the by, would anybody know where to find a female hairless and siamese anywhere in NY? D:

Hurrr, can't think of more stuff, you'll get to know me well enough! xD Moi moi!
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