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Hi! I'm been looking into getting a rat for 4 or 5 months now, and I think I'm finally getting somewhere with persuading them (still a long shot though).

My dad claims to be against keeping pets (yet I had guinea pigs a few years ago, my sister currently has rabbits and he keeps chickens for eggs... hmm), saying that its unnatural and like kidnapping them and its selfish because we are imprisoning them for our own enjoyment. I tried to explain how rats are so domesticated and different from wild rats that the wild is hardly even their natural habitat anymore, and that by giving them a cage and food and toys and interaction they are much safer etc. than they would be in the wild, but he isn't fully convinced. Any ideas of what I should say to him?

Also, I wanted to a bit more about rat-proofing. If I don't let them out unsupervised, so I still have to fully rat-proof my room? Will a playpen do until I train them to come when called, then I can let them explore my room? What is the minimum level of rat-proofing you would recommend?

Finally, I wanted to do a quick poll on you opinions about fleece vs. litter/ wood bedding and lab block vs. a seed mixture thing.

Thanks for your help!!!:D
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