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I'm new around here, and fairly new to raising rats as well. We started out our rat raising journey by getting 5 males from a person on craigslist. Little did I know I was getting rats that had been poorly taken care of in the past. It kinda sucked as we tried to bring them back to health. We were able to save three of them, but they were no young rats and unfortunately only lived for about another 3 months. In a way it taught us how to care for rats, along with the hardship and heartache that comes with raising a short lifespan animal.
Soon after we 4 females from another craigslist person, luckily this time they were nice and healthy. They made us fall in love. After a few months I found myself picking up 3 males from a breeder. They are quite shy and don't really liked being picked up; but they are so handsome, and like to just sit on your lap and of course love their treats. Next week I am going to pick up a 2 males and a female from a small breeder that suddenly became allergic to her rats and is forced to get rid of her babies. I will be posting another thread here in a little bit to try and get some help identifying their exact color and markings. If you think you could help out with that, please look for my post here in a bit.
Thanks, and I look forward to being part of everyone's rat family. :D
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