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Hello, A neighbor of mine "dumped" a pet rat in some bushes by my house, I've been feeding it for 6 months....I'm trying to get the rat so I can keep it, but it has burrowed into the ground and at least three feet under the bushes. I have stuck my arm all the way back and still can't feel the end, and yes, he nibbled on my finger, I had gloves on...

I feed him every morning and night a little cheese, veges appropriate for rats and rat food.

I'm gaining his trust and bringing him out of tunnel by holding a string cheese stick and he grabbed the entire stick! Ran so quick back into the hole. It had about half the plastic wrapper on it still!! and about half the cheese stick. I quickly stuck my arm back in there and couldn't feel a thing!!!

I pray he isn't going to die from this!! Stupid on my part but I've been trying to gain his trust and feeding him with my hand!!! He loves it but last night it might have cost him his life! He wasn't there this am, I'm worried sick...any thoughts?

I've bought two Havahart traps and he won't go near them :( My only hope it to grab him I guess....darn neighbor, I could just wring his neck! Any ideas how to trap him? I mean I have tried two traps, nothing, and it's a very narrow opening (about 6") where he goes into the ground. I so want to get him!!!!!! Thanks for all our help!!!
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