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Hello, New Rat Owner Here!

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I'm Kelsey and my younger cousin bought rats and necessary items, but she unfortunately didn't do any research. She hated them, so I adopted them! I'm a little nervous because while I did research, I have a dog and a bearded dragon to look after, but I believe I can give them the time they need. Just made a hammock for them! They're both males and about 6 months now. I'm thinking of naming them Merry and Pippin, but currently they're being called big spot and little spot. I'm working on it. ;D
I hope that I am able to give them the best care!
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I really don't think you'll have any trouble giving everyone time and affection! I have a ton of different animals and usually keep up with their affection needs. The key in my opinion is to organise your time according to who needs more affection and start from there. One of my dogs is a true lap dog so she spents the whole day with me and while being with her I play with the rats, feed the birds, walk the other dog and pet or play with the cats. This dog is so needy that she even sleeps in my bed, as well as 2 of my cats. Another of the cats doesn't like affection too much, so I leave the cuddling part towards her to every other day or even every 2 days depending on her mood. One of my rats is a shoulder rat so I take her when I walk the dogs or visit people and she's on me when I use the computer or read a book.
Nobody knows your animal children better than you so you'll figure what works best for everyone!
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