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Hello Rattie Fans

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New to being a rat fan! I never thought there would come a day when I would have rats! I always gave them a bad rap. I learned I was being way too judgmental about these sweet little furry kids. I grew up with lots of hamsters and guinea pigs and mice. I backed away from the rats until I held one and fell in love. I was only going to let my son get one rat until I read online that they really need a buddy. Well we have 3 now. Two that are 6 weeks old and one that is 3 weeks old. They are so awesome! I am getting on here and reading and learning as much as I can about them to make their lives as pleasant as I can.
Glad to meet you all and thanks in advance for any Rat advice! :D
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welcome to the forum! we're looking forward to hearing more from you and seeing lots of baby pictures of the fuzzkins!
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