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Am a newbie to this forum but not to rats. :D

I am 21 years old and work with Nursery School aged children, I am also the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator in the School I work in.

I have kept rats for nearly 10 years now and have seen many come and go.

I currently have 5 girls, Aura and Eclipse are my pet shop ladies, a Mink Variagated and a Black Hooded, they are 7 months old. Vixen is 6 months old and is my rescued girl, a gorgeous but tiny Mink Hooded. And lastly Sapphire and Gem from Asbru Rattery, they are now 5 months old, Saffy is a Russian Blue and Gem a Russian Blue Essex. They all live together in a Brio Aviary.

Anyway, that's me and that's my girls, anything else you want to know just shout :wink:
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