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Hello! I am new here (which is obviously why I'm posting this :)). I just wanted to introduce myself and my four rats. First off, my name is Tabitha, my friends at work made up the nickname Tibbly, which explains my username. I'm entering my 2nd semester of junior year at my school, and I drive buses for my school part time. We drive routes that pick up residents of the towns my school is in/near, and students going to and from class. I have only owned rats since the beginning of October 2014, but I'm already in love with them. My friends are also slowly falling in love with rats as a result (I guess their tails don't look so gross when they are looking at pictures of my rats' adorable faces).

My rats live in a single level Critter Nation, and one of them is in a temporary smaller cage while I get her introduced.

So, my newest rat Muzzy is a Rex black self. She is only 5 weeks old, and my first rat from a rattery. I have only had her for a few days but she is very sweet and just the cutest thing.
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Then, there's Pippa, my impulse buy rat who I just had to have! She is playful, and loves bullying my other rats for fun, even though she's smaller. My boyfriend's favorite thing about Pippa are her giant whiskers that wiggle when she's sniffing things!
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Penny, my 2nd rat is also a huge sweetheart. She loves treats, and was the first (and only currently) one of my rats to learn how to spin. She has helped me teach others about how smart and adorable rats are. In her spare time she enjoys shredding paper for her little house, and napping.
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Phoebe was my first rat. She is the most dominant, and loves to show it! Phoebe is not a fan of being held, she is very curious and only cares about sniffing things! If she happens to be near me when I have treats she will take one, but a lot of the time she couldn't be bothered.
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Anyways, I look forward to talking with everyone on here, be prepared because I have a lot of questions!
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