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Thought I'd post a short introduction. I was directed to this forum the other day, and thought I would go ahead and join. I have been keeping pet rats for over fourteen years. Currently I have thirteen rats of several different colors. They are:
Absolut Zero: Burmese dumbo
Kigali: Russian blue Burmese
Balthazar: Black
Denali: Burmese
Munster: Sable Burmese
Aiko: Black
Tomoko: Black dumbo
Godiva: Chocolate dumbo rex
Granuaile: Sable Burmese velveteen
Rwanda: Russian dove
Tirra Lirra: Black
Nymphidia: Burmese velveteen
Lorraine: Sable Burmese

Aside from the rats I have three cats and a horse and work as a field biologist. I have always loved animals and now have a career working with them. My rats are like my family and I always strive to give them the best care possible.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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