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So I typed out a super detailed long first entry about my rats. Unfortunately they did not post :( So, Heres a shortened version. I've owned rats since my freshman year of high school, I am now a senior in high school. I had a heart rat named Nicodemus, along with his two uncles Emile and Remy (After Ratatouille of course) I loved them to bits but unfortunately the last one of the three passed in July. They are missed heavily even now with my two new boys Alphonse and Oswald. As a young child I never had that many friends, but always heavily related with animals and nature.Out of all my pets I've had: Dogs, cats, hamster, fish, turtle, and of course rats. Rats have been the best. They love attention and cuddles and they make me feels so loved. These two cage mates (Alphonse and Oswald) get along great but don't act as close as the other three I owned. I expected this though due to the fact I got the last three from the same person and these two came from two different breeders. I love them both so much <3

IMG_0398.JPG My first three boys

IMG_9902.JPG My two boys now

I hope you've enjoyed this first post, hopefully I'll remember to upload more in the future
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